Monday, November 24, 2014

Why is my Tinfoil in your bedroom??

So this is the great wonder of the day! Come home from work to make lasagne.  Went to the grocery on my lunch break.  I was ready.  My kids are out for Thanksgiving break.  Which means, teens, teens and more teenagers.  This makes my heart beat.  Food is my love language.  Make this killer lasagne, go to put it in the oven.  Where is my tinfoil? Call my oldest, he ponders, nothing.  Finally, he says oh yeah it's in my room.  Um....what?? Why would it be in your room?  Really, at this point I don't really need to know.

This is my life.  Questions with no answers.  I had a brutal day of emailing fighting with my husband.  Not husband, separated from husband.  What do I do with this?  Just trying to make this divorce as smooth as possible.  Can this be done?  I begged this man for years to see me, hear me.  Nada. Now, he wants to be the husband, friend, lover I wanted.  I just don't think it can be undone.  All the hurt and heartbreak.  I don't understand not solving or fixing a problem when it's in front of you.  I assure you that is better than the waiting game.

As I sit on my couch to embrace myself for the chaos that will start at dinner time.  I am thinking, why is my tinfoil in your room?

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