Sunday, December 14, 2014

Waiting for the Holidays

Just like many of us, Christmas is one of my favorite times.  The lights, love, shopping, music, food and family.  As I started my own family, we started new traditions.  The traditions we have built are simple.  I hope I can continue most as my marriage falls apart around me.  Hopefully, as I grow to a better place, new traditions can unfold.  Kate asked me at my last reading if I was waiting on Christmas before proceeding with the final divorce.

Why yes I am.  I am trying to keep my family together one last holiday as a whole unit.  Trying to keep the traditions alive.  I worked so hard to give my children stability and peace that we need this.  Kate also mentioned for me to keep my mind straight through the holiday.  Dang, my spirit guides are advising I stay sober through Christmas.  Now dealing with my big family, my soon to be ex husband and a roller coaster of emotions and no whiskey, rum or wine.  This is going to be harder than I thought.

So, my home is decorated, presents are being wrapped and we are enjoying the tree.  It does make me want to hold on tight to my family and traditions.  I want spiked eggnog.  I want love and happy.  It makes me sad that although my husband and I have love, we can't find the happiness.  It isn't real and it won't last.  Right now we are thriving in Christmas.  While we wait on Christmas, we wait for divorce.

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