Monday, December 1, 2014

She Gives Me Hope

Tonight I was invited to a reading.  The medium of choice was Kate.  There were four of us.  Each had a private 25 minute reading.  With a clock running, we dive right in.  I shuffle the tarot cards and she turns them over.  Eek.  I hold my breath waiting for the outcome.

I don't know exactly what Kate sees but I do know she sees me.  Into my soul.  She talks about my son who just broke up with his controlling girlfriend.  She knows that I am separated and waiting to get through the holidays to move toward the divorce.  Amazing.  She tells me to keep a clear sober mind.  The spirits are afraid I might be swayed otherwise.  I am thinking, how will I make a buzz free Christmas??

It comes around to my future relationships.  There is hope, she sees a ring in my future.  She sees someone in my energy that I could date when I get past my marriage and the negativity.  She tells me I have been emotionally suffocated.  I cannot express how many times I have felt like that in the past few years.  It will all be ok.  I will find happiness and love and faith and fortune.  I leave there reenergized.  Happy.  A new outlook.  I can't thank Kate enough, she gives me hope.

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