Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ahhh, Thursday

I spend three long days in training for work this week.  It was a longer than normal drive which allows me ample time to think.  Too much time, too much thinking.  Never a good thing.  I thought back to the early years of my marriage and how I thought life would be easy breezy.  Yep, not so easy.  

Those early years brought a few moves, new jobs and new babies.  I was on my way to this naive life of a little happy family.  Which, would of been true had depression and jealousy, not set in on my husband.  Of course, neither of us realized what it was at the time.  That won't be figured out for years.  We had glimpses of happiness and wide gaps of nothingness.  How can you love and have fun and feel so empty.  My babies stole my heart and filled that void.  Good thing too because my marriage wouldn't of lasted as long had it not been for them.

Fast forward to today.  I was thinking about how remarkable it was the first time I sat with a medium, which was recently.  She knew how I loved my kids, how I had out grown my husband and how very afraid I was to move forward and let go.  I told myself, that was a fluke.  So I went back and saw another medium.  She said the same thing to me but in more details.  I felt as if they could see my soul, inside my heart.  It was the first time in years, someone saw me.  I mean really saw me.  It scared the life out of me.  I am sure, being a psychic in all, they could see that!!

This led to some life altering changes.  A new peace and happiness.  But it also brings sadness and a long over due truth.

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